Aztec Nail Art!

Nail Art

With spring here, I felt that a new nail design to add to my collection was sorely needed.

I searched online for inspiration, and came across these Aztec patterns. I planned out my design, took my polish, and started!

I used four colours in this design; red, orange, gold, light blue, and dark blue. Personally, I like using nail art pens. If you haven’t had time to invest in these yet (which I highly recommend), you can use a toothpick.

First, I painted a base of gold (or the lighter colour in whichever colours you are using)


After that, I drew some simple lines across in different colours to get a vague idea of what I wanted.


Once I had my base, I started to add the detail. All I did was add small triangles in a pattern that I liked (look up images if you need any help).

After a quick topcoat, I was done!
I hope that this inspired you to try this yourself, and you can have fabulous and interesting nails- people will be amazed that you did them yourself!





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